Glass House Brewery Organic Saison

Glass House Brewery

In a precinct where the produce is organic, the meat is organic, and even the hair salon is organic, it makes sense for Glass House to serve up an organic beer. Meet the Organic Saison.

While some breweries make their saisons hefty, sneaking up to six or seven percent ABV, Glass House was intent on keeping this one down to 4.5 percent ABV. Saisons were originally beers for the farm worker: work hard, get hot and thirsty, have a beer, get back to work. (Try that with a seven percenter, and you might find your productivity slipping and your desire to nap rising, whether you’re a farm worker or… ahem… even a humble beer writer.)

In this vein, this crystal clear beer is light and refreshing, and carries sweet banana candy with a flicker of apricot tang. The perfect beer for a sunny day, whether you’re working hard or having a lazy session.

Mick Wust

Organic Saison
Glass House Brewery

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