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Glass House Brewery

You might’ve heard the phrase "a beer for all seasons". How about a beer that’s flexible, and able to shift with the seasons? The idea for Glass House’s Czech-inspired Black Lager is for the recipe to be tweaked, and drift along the flavour spectrum as the weather changes: in summer, it will be a little drier, making it more drinkable in the heat; in winter, it will have more of a malt presence, making it sweeter and fuller for sipping in the cooler months.

In all its iterations, the intention is that it’s a flavourful number: there’ll always be that caramel from the crystal malt; those chocolate and cola notes will always be there to complement each other; it’ll always be smooth, and never grow boring as you make your way through a glass of it. But the body, the texture, the richness? They’ll be tailored to the give the best possible drinking experience at any time of year.

Whoever said drinkers can’t be thinkers?

Mick Wust

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