Glass House Brewery Red IPA

Glass House Brewery

Released March 1st, 2019

Light shines through this beer with ruby brilliance, and the firm head boasts its stalwartness. This is not a "knock back a few pints" kind of beer. Drinking this is like drinking tree sap. Like tapping a tree, and drinking what comes out. Like hammering a spile (yes I had to look that up) into a pine tree, catching that dripping resin in a beer glass, and drinking it.

As you may have guessed, lovers of piney IPAs will be all over this one. But it’s not a one-trick pony. There’s plenty more here to appreciate, from the chewiness and syrupy toffee in the body, all the way through to the bitey bitterness that just won’t leave you alone.

It’s not for someone looking to chug a session beer. But with an adventurous palate, some salty food to nibble, and time to sip and savour, this Red IPA will be your best friend.

Mick Wust

Glass House Brewery

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