FogHorn Brewhouse 4 Saisons In One Day

FogHorn Brewery

Over the past decade or so, Shawn Sherlock has created many a saison – or at least beers with their roots in that historic and diverse style. As with many brewers, he's a huge fan of such beers, even if the wider Australian public seem reluctant to take them fully to heart, and a few variations have hit taps at FogHorn with 4 Saisons In One Day the one that's proven most popular.

He describes the French saison yeast as the "real hero" of this modern twist on tradition, eeking "earthy, fruity esters and a cracking dry finish" from the little beasties. Apparently, it's the driest finishing beer the brewpub has ever released.

On the palate, we're told to expect something "light bodied, dry and refreshing [with] lemon, citrus and almost black pepper notes from the blend of the yeast and the NZ Pacifica hops".

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