Redoak Brewery Felda's Weiss & The Trap

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Published April 12, 2019

The German name Felda means “from the field”, and the beer bearing its name is the sort anyone would be more than pleased to be handed at the end of the day when they came in from the field.

The bright gold of the wheat crops is captured in the glass, and the clouds floating over the countryside are present in the white, fluffy head. A little natural haze hints at the yeast that makes itself known on the palate – the ester-driven banana flavours are soft and sweet, with just a touch of citrus around the edges.

When it’s time to sit around the table with some food, to unwind and discuss the events of the day, skip over to The Trap. It’s a Trappist style ale that’s a bit lighter on the taste buds while still delivering hints of banana as well as some candy sugar. The lighter body makes it an ideal table beer, sitting comfortably alongside whatever you’re eating without hogging too much of your attention.

Mick Wust

Hefeweizen & Belgian Table Beer
4.6% & 4.2%
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