Edge Brewing Project Whisky BA Imperial Stout

Edge Brewing Project

Published April 20, 2019

Adam Betts' Melbourne-based gypsy brewing operation tends to focus on creating lagers, stouts and sours – something of an anomaly in a beer landscape in which hop forward ales still dominate. In the stout category, Edge's Stagger Lee is their best known, as potent as any Australian representation of the classic style, and the multiply barrel-aged, magnum bottle only, Don’t Fuck With Joe expression saw them ratchet up the booze and complexity, albeit in a miniscule 100 bottle release.

Here, 100 litre Starward whisky barrels have been used to maximise the contact of the base beer on oak with the intent being to maximise the whisky characters. While this sounds ominous, the result is far more balanced and rounded than one might expect. Chocolate marshmallow, cocoa, and chocolate milkshake aromas are embellished with coffee on tasting. While the aforementioned whisky characters are muted, the influence of the oak increases through the smooth and somewhat creamy length, contributing tannin dryness, a wood grain prickle, vanilla and oak. Booze is integrated yet warms through the glass, as do thoughts of buying more for sustenance through the depths of winter.

Guy Southern

Whisky Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
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