Ogdens King Kolsch

Ogdens Brewery

Released May 10, 2019

A beer entry point for many drinkers, Kolsch is a hybrid of beers styles that originated in Cologne, Germany. The pale malt base is fermented with ale yeast before cold conditioning much like a lager. The result, when done well, is a very drinkable beer that carries lager’s clean appeal with some of an ale’s body and fruity yeast characters; indeed it’s nigh on perfect for most pub drinkers after something refreshing and sessionable.

In Ogdens' version, an initial light sweetness moves through the medium, unfiltered body. The faint citrus and grass influence of noble hops show, while the approachable proceedings head towards a medium, dry finish. Although technically more bitter than its recently released Arctic Light sibling, King Kolsch feels more restrained and welcoming.

Guy Southern

Ogdens Brewery

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