Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: DDH Super Dry IPA

Otherside Brewing Co

Published May 13, 2019

For all the hype, questions and criticism that surrounds 2018’s Brut IPA craze, one that seems to have vanished as quickly as it appeared, the lasting impact has been broad experimentation with low carb enzymes, particularly amylase. The science behind their use, in very simple terms, is that they help break down malt starch into more easily fermentable sugars for the yeast to consume, creating a drier beer.

Here, eschewing the "Brut" term in favour of something more literal, the Otherside team have delivered an orange-gold hued beer that may be something of a new Australian benchmark for this style, whatever it’s called.

Aromas of cut grass, citrus and sweet melon are underpinned by a hop dankness. These are joined by light tropical fruit on tasting and, although listed as 25 IBUs, the perceived lighter body makes the bitterness feel decidedly pricklier. A tightrope of balance plays throughout, including the substantial dry finish, leaving only a late booze warmth as a reminder of its IPA credentials.

Guy Southern

25 IBU

Available from the brewery, Freo.Social plus select Otherside purveyors

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