Bruny Island Fresh Hop Harvest Ale 2019 & Bruny Black

Bruny Island Beer Co

Released May 24, 2019

After serving up a dry, spicy and grippingly bitter Belgian-inspired ale for their 2018 fresh hop beer, Bruny Island Beer Co are back on more familiar harvest ale territory in 2019. The Strong Pale Ale that debuted at the Fresh Hop Beer Festival also eschews head brewer Evan Hunter's fondness for including raw or rarely seen grains in the mix, opting instead for a simple combo of two malts and freshly picked Tasmanian Cascade hops.

As is typical when using wet hop flowers, the hop aromatics are soft – melon and citrus – and are set against toasted, biscuity malt flavours, not to mention plenty of bitterness too.

As for Bruny Black, expect it to be a precursor for a series of darker releases from the brewery through the winter months. Imagine drinking a slab of high couverture dark chocolate and you're on the right track; add in heavily roasted cereals and a lasting earthy bitterness and you've reached your destination.

James Smith

Dark Ale
6.0% & 5.5%
Bruny Island Beer Co

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