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Published May 24, 2019

Whether it’s thanks to the small tasting serves or the sheer number of beers at each festival, dessert beers have certainly taken a hold of GABS. But when it comes to a Weiss Bar, should it be classified a dessert or a delicious afternoon snack?

For the uninitiated, contrary to my popular assumption, Weiss Bars aren’t actually frozen yoghurt, but fruit-filled ice cream. Surely, that means they fits better into "tasty afternoon treat" territory than "fully-fledged dessert", no?

Whichever side of the fierce debate you sit, for GABS 2019, CoConspirators Brewing decided to capture a Weiss Bar in beer form by brewing The Wise Guy, a beer given a wider release in cans post-festival. A kettle sour made with lactose and hefty mango additions, it tastes like and shares the appearance of a mango smoothie. There’s plenty of tartness akin to tucking into a mango that’s not quite ready accompanying the soft mouthfeel courtesy of the lactose, a combination that makes it as good an afternoon treat as any.

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