Rocky Ridge Blueberry Sour

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published June 17, 2019

Rocky Ridge undoubtedly have their eye in when it comes to sours. And, with this release, they're pushing their sour game to the next level with a large format bottle and a label with a more "adult" edge than their typical can designs. Within each elegant 750ml bottle will still be the same blend of of local ingredients and microflora.

The debut release in the new look packaging is a spritzy barrel-aged sour packed to the rafters with fresh, locally grown blueberries. As per Rocky Ridge's sour beer program, this bold and punchy fruited ale is fermented with the brewery's house lacto strain in stainless before spending six months ageing in a repurposed oak barrel.

The extensive time on oak allows the beer's abrasive acidity to mellow, with the presence of the blueberries developing over time and yielding a complex, slightly salty and well rounded sour ale. Vibrant acid and fruit aren't completely lost, however, with a fresh berry presence and some subtle sweetness making this 5 percent ABV, mixed culture ale highly palatable – pulling you in with every sip.

Jono Outred

Blueberry Sour
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