Black Arts Red Wild Ale

Australian Wild Ale

This Red Wild Ale was one of two beers with which Williamstown-based Black Arts chose to announce themselves to the world. Like its stablemate, the Golden Wild Ale, it's a beer that looks to bridge the divide between delicate Belgian wild and mixed ferment styles and more intensely sour and acidic American versions.

Where the Golden looks to the lambics of Belgian’s Senne Valley, the Red Wild Ale has its heart in the Flanders region of the same country, specifically the iconic Rodenbach. You’ll find a stack of dark berry flavours in this one, with a touch of aged vinegar underneath. It has a much fuller body than the Golden, but not in a bad way by any means.

Similarly dry, it still lingers with some gentle coffee and vanilla flavours, and will be a versatile beer to match with a range of different food.

Luke Robertson

Published May 4, 2019

Black Arts Brewers & Blenders

4/63 Macaulay Street
Williamstown North
VIC 3016

0439 613 331
Open Hours

First Saturday of every month. Check their website or socials for details.

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