Future Mountain Kalingrad & A Million Stars

Future Mountain

Published July 4, 2019

Their first winter since opening isn’t even close to being over and already Shane Ferguson and Ian Jones are keen to treat drinkers to an impressively diverse mix of dark beers. One of them, Radio Kaliningrad, is a beer inspired by Prague’s U Fleku, which solely brews a single dark lager; in homage, this lower ABV Baltic porter has been designated a Czech porter. It’s one with plenty of flavour on the dark malt front too, with espresso, chocolate and raisins all tied together before the clean lager finish cuts through.

A Million Stars is a winter farmhouse beer made with cardamon, black pepper, rosemary, star anise and juniper. That bouquet of herbs and spices are spurred on by the French hop Aramis, contributing further spice and some pine, with flavours of lavender and bergamot also coming to the fore. And, while it might pour the deepest of browns, it’s dry and slightly light body makes you think it could just as easily be enjoyed on the farm in summer too.

Will Ziebell

Czech Porter & Spiced Winter Farmhouse Ale
5.6% & 5.5%
Future Mountain

703-707 Plenty Road
VIC 3073

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