Tumut River Brewing Co Deliverance Red IPA & Coffee Milk Stout

Tumut River Brewing Co

Released July 16th, 2019

Tumut River's winter 2019 releases pit sweet malts, dark malts, tropical hops and coffee against one another. In one corner is the Deliverance Red IPA, a name that hopefully isn’t suggesting a boat trip down the Tumut River is akin to taking a canoe down the Cahulawassee (although they do have Squealing Pig in their lineup so make of that what you will...). What is clear, however, is the heady mix of tropical fruit, papaya, melon and mango the beer provides against its sweet malt body. Sitting at 8 percent ABV, there’s a warming booziness in there too.

In the opposite corner sits Mocha Stout, which, like many Tumut beers, makes use of Voyager malt, with house roasted coffee beans and lactose completing the picture. There’s a rich, cherry-like coffee flavour that comes through first before it’s joined by roasted notes, chocolate and a sweet and smooth finish.

Will Ziebell

Red IPA & Coffee Milk Stout
8% & 4.4%
100 IBU & 30 IBU
Tumut River Brewing Co

1-5 Capper Street
NSW 2720

1300 042 337
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Sun to Thurs: 10am to 8pm
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