Edge Brewing Project Ides & Mimosa

Edge Brewing Project

Released July 24, 2019

Winter always brings a glut of citrus fruit and, if their most releases are anything to go by, Edge Brewing Project seem intent on ensuring none of it hits the ground. Brewed in collaboration with the Collingwood fine diners of the same name, Ides is designed to kickstart a meal. The aperitif uses a pilsner base then adds ruby red grapefruit and honey to create a beer that’s largely light and refreshing, where the bitterness balances against the sweetness and has a light citrus twist.

Mimosa is far further down the citrus path, using both Valencia and Navel oranges that were added to the beer when it was undergoing a secondary ferment with champagne yeast (the first ferment being the work of lager yeast - it’s an Edge beer, after all). That orange flavour is quick to jump out at you, creating a freshly squeezed orange juice of a beer that fades into a dry finish.

Will Ziebell

Honey Grapefruit Pilsner & Citrus Lager
4.2% & 4.9%
Edge Brewing Project

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