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Two Birds Brewing (Lion/Kirin)

Published August 2, 2019

Look back over the past year's limited releases from Two Birds and you'll find a list dominated by IPAs. But look back over the brewing career of co-founder Jayne Lewis and you'll find a fair few big beers that take inspiration from Belgium too. And it's here the Spotswood based brewers return for their last big bottle winter release for 2019.

As the punny name suggests, it's a dubbel – a style that's typically dark in hue and rich in malt and fruity yeast character – and one that's spent time in oak. The barrels of choice previously housed red wine and the combination is one that has had a subtle impact on the liquid. The beer hasn't been taken to entirely new places by the barrels, unlike, say, some of the bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts doing the rounds; instead the ruby-chestnut beer is awash with the sort of characters you'd find in a straight dubbel – intense dark fruits, honey, molasses and treacle – but with the added dimension of Muscat like fortified wine in the mix too.

A hearty and rich beer to take one's time with – or share with mates.

James Smith

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