Cheeky Monkey IIPA 2019

Cheeky Monkey

Released August 2, 2019

Fresh out of the new Vasse production facility, Cheeky Monkey’s IIPA 2019 is a very modern expression, aggressively late and dry-hopped with Citra and resinous El Dorado – no Old School hops need apply. However, for all the lupulin bravado, this is just really fun. National sales manager Brendan Day pithily describes the design process thus: “We wanted to make a really crushable IIPA” – one that somewhat unbelievably, at least until it’s been tasted, has sessionability at its core.

Magic hour sunset haze maximises flavour and aroma rather than zeitgeist chasing, although the liquid does look vividly attractive in the glass as a result. Both green and overripe mango drive the palate, with sweet orange and tangelo underneath the tropical fun. Booze warmth threatens to overtake the juicy mouthfeel throughout and, while definitely present, it never makes a full run for the spotlight. This is maybe the most Tiki-fied monkey to ever walk out of Margaret River...

Guy Southern


Available from August 2 from good WA retailers and venues

Cheeky Monkey

4259 Caves Rd
Margaret River
WA 6285

Brewery: (08) 9755 9555; Rest: (08) 9755 5555
Open Hours

10-6 everyday, except Christmas / Good Friday and before 12pm on Anzac Day


Whenever the brewer isn't grumpy or when the assistant brewer is here.

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