Clare Valley & Sublime Coffee Iced Latte Stout

Clare Valley Brewing Co

Released August 16th, 2019

Clare Valley Brewing and Sublime Coffee are no strangers to each other, working through two previous collaborations that took the form of a Coffee Porter and Coffee Schwarz. Here, for a third year in a row, Sublime Coffee supplied the coffee, this time for an Iced Latte Stout. The 6.1 percent ABV beer welcomed a generous helping of Blend 52 roast coffee added in the kettle, whirlpool and the fermenter. More than a drop of lactose was also added to leave a touch of residual sweetness and creaminess.

Cracking the can instantly sends awakening caffeinated vibes, with a huge hit of espresso. Characteristics of the coffee also find their way into the head and appearance, with a dark brown froth floating atop the jet black stout. Rich, decadent coffee again hits on the palate, progressing to a slight coffee-derived bitterness at the back of the palate, alongside a touch of creamy milk and chocolate.

But, seriously, it is all about the coffee – your daily shot of coffee, with a dash of milk and one sugar (and a lick of booze).

Matt King

Iced Latte Stout
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