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When your flagship beer is designed to be super easy-drinking and sessionable, it’s a bold move to out-sessionable it with a rarely seen style that’s even easier to drink than the house lager. But that doesn’t seem to bother One Drop.

The Grisette is one of the palest beers you’ll see, looking and smelling similar to a lime soda, though with a fluffy head sitting on top. Its spritzy nature stimulates the tongue; those dancing bubbles enliven the taste buds to embrace the delicate fruity flavours from the hops and Norwegian Kveik yeast. Wisps of lemon and lime make themselves known.

Is it a little sweet? Is it a little sour? Is it neither? It doesn’t really matter - this one’s a drinker, not a thinker. Besides, at just over three percent, you can always have another glass or two to help you decide.

Mick Wust

One Drop Brewing Co

5 Erith Street
NSW 2019

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