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Within the residential area of West End, there’s a road called Whynot Street. When you read the street sign, it takes all the restraint in the world not to pose the silly question: “Why not street?” It’s a question that’s as nonsensical as it is fun to ask.

In the opinion of this writer, Whynot Lager makes a whole lot more sense. It’s a classic German style lager made with one malt and one hop, and bears all the simplicity and clarity you’d hope for. A clean stretch of citrus leads into the light lager malt taste, with the aftertaste bringing a hint of lemonade. It’s refreshing and moreish, and it takes all the restraint in the world not to ask: “Why not lager?”

Mick Wust

Catchment Brewing Co

150 Boundary Street
West End
QLD 4101

(07) 3846 1701
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Tues to Fri: 6.30am to late
Sat & Sun: 8am to late


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