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For many of us, hearing the name “Vulture Street” is a throwback to one of Powderfinger’s best albums. It’s more energetic than their previous albums, and it’s easy to sing along and feel the fun they must’ve had while recording it. (While Rockin’ Rocks is fine, feel free to skip straight to track two, On My Mind. You’re welcome.)

As well as inspiring the name of the album, Vulture Street also inspired the name of Catchment’s Vulture IPA. This beer’s a throwback to a time when not all IPAs were juicebombs with low bitterness. Remember West Coast IPAs that brought piney flavours to the mix? Remember bitterness that makes itself known right from the beginning of the pint? Remember malt being used to bring smooth balance to the hops - in this case, Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra, and Amarillo? Remember fruity sweetness and resinous bitterness living together in harmony?

Picking up a gold medal at the 2019 Indies, Vulture IPA is more energetic than Catchment’s other core beers, and could be described as Vulture Street (the album again) was described by critics - “rawer, louder, but by no means unrefined”. Next time you’re in West End, take a trip down memory lane with Powderfinger, pass through the fabled Vulture Street, grab a Vulture IPA at Catchment, and feel the fun.

Mick Wust

American IPA
48 IBU

Indies 2019 – Gold

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