Nowhereman The Citrus American IPA

Nowhereman Brewing Co

Published October 10, 2019

They're enjoying playing with fruity sours and IPAs at Nowhereman these days and, for this hop exploration, they've taken a trip Stateside. Although there’s no strict design brief for their regular IPA iterations, the West Leederville brewers do have a love for the Idaho #7 hop, so this October 2019 release comes centred around that with some Citra along for the welcome to what the decal’s iconic sign tells you is a fabulous citrus party.

Understandably, there’s no mistaking the grapefruit throughout, which arrives as fruity expression with some peel elements that appear almost candied alongside touches of orange and mandarin. Reasonably direct in terms of today’s broad IPA style range, there’s still a juiciness and resinous undercurrent that’s tickled by the near 7 percent ABV booze-derived spice before resolving with a lengthy dry, bitterness; it's one that leaves the Citrus American like Hunter S. Thompson’s quip about Las Vegas: "A little bit of this town goes a very long way."

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