BoJaK Brewing 3175 Pilsner

BoJaK Brewing

BoJaK’s owners Sue and Dale Messina are quick to point out their love for their brewery’s Dandenong home, with each can released by the brewery designed to, in some way, tell the story of how their venue is a local for locals. Perhaps the beer that best gets that message across is 3175, a pilsner that’s named after their postcode.

The beer is also one that could easily attract plenty of locals to BoJaK’s beers: it's a German-style pilsner that’s not too far removed from mainstream lagers. That’s not to say there’s anything flavourless about the beer, though; instead you’ll find a spicy flourish from the hops, a slightly grainy malt body and a reasonable bitterness in an otherwise lean and crisp beer.

BoJaK Brewing

5 Bennet Street
VIC 3175

0421 050 283
Open Hours

Thursday: 3pm to late
Friday 1pm to late
Saturday: midday to late
Sunday: midday to 6pm


Outside opening hours with prior warning!

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