Cheeky Monkey & South West Craft Beer Bogans Nek Minnut IPL

Cheeky Monkey

Released December 6, 2019

Poor Loki. He left his scooter outside the brewery and nek minnut… Perhaps his problems started when WA Facebook beer group South West Craft Beer Bogans rolled up at Cheeky Monkey's Vasse brewery for a summer collab.

Using all New Zealand hops – Riwaka, Motueka, Wai-iti and HORT 4337 - the collaborators wanted a forward expression while maintaining the maximum drinkability that six weeks of lagering provides. As a result, Nek Minnut’s clean, dry length is touched with grass, lemon–lime citrus, subtle elderflower-like floral sweetness and rising bitterness, which, like Loki’s scooter, is very crushable.

NB: If you have no idea what any of this means, have a look at what professional skateboarder Levi Hawken has to say on the matter here.

Guy Southern

Cheeky Monkey

4259 Caves Rd
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10-6 everyday, except Christmas / Good Friday and before 12pm on Anzac Day


Whenever the brewer isn't grumpy or when the assistant brewer is here.

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