Queenscliff Brewhouse Cream Ale

Queenscliff Brewhouse

Given the broad range of customers their multifaceted venue welcomes through its doors, when Queenscliff Brewhouse set about creating a core range it was with broad appeal in mind – a little like elder sibling Prickly Moses when they were starting out in brewing.

The Cream Ale is a beer in which more has gone into its creation than you might imagine, with a grain bill made up of barley, wheat, corn and rice to create the soft palate, pale golden colour and light biscuity flavours. There's a hint of fruity hops but nothing overt, with bitterness also kept to a minimum.

Cream Ale
Queenscliff Brewhouse

2 Gellibrand Street Queenscliff
VIC 3225

(03) 5258 1717
Open Hours

Seven days: 11am to late


No specific tour times. Brewery can be visited during general opening hours