Queenscliff Brewhouse English Ale

Queenscliff Brewhouse

These days, you can find mid-strength beers of all shapes and, well, not quite sizes as they're all mid-strength, but certainly styles. Roll back the years a little, however, and you'd have found a good proportion of the few coming out of the country's small brewers taking inspiration from English ales. You can understand why, as English bitters and milds have been delivering plenty of flavour at sub-4 percent ABV levels for generations.

And that's where the Queenscliff brewers looked for inspiration in creating their mid. Copper coloured, it's a blend of earthy English hops and toasted, bready malts.

English Bitter
Queenscliff Brewhouse

2 Gellibrand Street Queenscliff
VIC 3225

(03) 5258 1717
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Seven days: 11am to late


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