Cheeky Monkey & Mane Liquor & Besk & Chicho Gelato Twin Pole Sour

Cheeky Monkey

Released December 19, 2019

It started with Frosty Fruits, a collaboration that can be credited with sending WA sours overground. The following year came Bluzu, a blueberry yuzu sour, and closing out the Summer Sour triptych comes a mid-strength pair designed to be combined.

Pineapple Sour keeps things light and breezy with a mild fruit impact and similar level of acidic zippiness, while Raspberry Sour is the more fruit forward of the pair, although similarly light-bodied. There’s also an earthiness and subtle tart character to its presence which lifts the sour profile.

And now for the moment of truth: when blended together (50:50) the icy pole nostalgia comes on like a brain freeze, albeit with a very sessionable approach in mind – these aren’t enamel-stripping, pulp jams. Drinkers are encouraged try different blend ratios – I found 65:35 worked well as it put the raspberry more in balance.

And, for WA fans looking for the full experience, head to Chi Cho Gelato to soak up the matching limited-edition sorbet.

Guy Southern

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Cheeky Monkey

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