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Released January 23, 2020

With a history stretching back 3,800 years, to say Chinese New Year is an important celebration on the calendars of millions around the globe is an understatement. Marking the start of the Lunar Calendar, it sees people toast to good fortune, prosperity and wealth among many other things, as well as being a time for gift giving, special meals and catching up with family and friends in a manner not unlike the Christian festive period.

Symbolism during Chinese New Year is strong. For example, the colour red symbolises joy and sincerity, and in some cases is believed to scare away evil spirits. Temple have used mandarins for their 888 beer because the Chinese pronunciation of the words is similar to that of prosperity.

The beer – which follows last year's 888 Mandarin Saison, whose genesis you can read about here – reflects the rat’s social nature, keeping proceedings welcoming with a light pale ale base, a mandarin presence and bitterness that are both subtle, all supported by a dry length.

888 is not here to bend palates or minds, it’s for toasting to prosperity in the year ahead. Gong xi fa cai!

Guy Southern

Mandarin Ale

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