Sauce Brewing Co Sabarillo Juicy IPA

Sauce Brewing Co

Published January 24, 2020

First there was Mosarillo. Then there was Mosalaxy. Now Sabarillo is here. The Sauce crew aren’t trying to win any prizes for most original names for these beers - they’re just focused on squeezing different hop varieties together until they explode into a juicy IPA. (At least, that’s my understanding of the brewing process.)

Double dry-hopped with Sabro and Amarillo (who’d have thunk it?), this beer has really got that piña colada thing going on. Smooth coconut comes together with freshly sliced pineapple - you know, the kind that makes juice run down your chin - and a garnish of mango, stonefruit, and melon. A little grainy malt and earthiness show up in the backend just as the unobtrusive bitterness makes itself comfortable.

Mick Wust

Juicy IPA
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