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Published January 28, 2020

Come on, Ballistic. It’s been a stinker of a summer. And you held out on us until mid-January to release these?

Don’t drink Twang White Peach Sour when you’re after a sour. Drink it when you’re after all the refreshingness a person can fit in a can.

While there’s some cloudiness in the appearance, there’s nothing but clarity in the flavour. It tastes cleaner than clean - think filtered water compared to tap water - with mild sour and gentle peach, like a peach iced tea that wasn’t flooded with sugar. I cracked a tinnie of this on a muggy evening, and poured some into a friend’s glass so he could try it too. I soon regretted it. Half of this beer was not enough. But then, a whole can of this beer isn’t enough, either.

When a beer is simple named Cold One, it’s looking to play a very simple role. And so it’s tempting to give it a simple description: “tastes like a beer”.

We could talk about the first edges of gold on the morning dew, or the melodic fruit tones that tinkle across the tongue, or the bitterness landing on the palate as gently as a butterfly on your finger, or the subdued malt graininess that gives you the feeling of chewing on straw out on the farm.

Or we could say this is a great cold beer for hot days. Treat yourself to a cold one.

Mick Wust

Fruit Sour & Aussie Pale
4.6% & 4.5%

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