Mornington Peninsula Brewery Space Sours

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released January 30, 2020

What is it with the connection between space and low ABV sour beers? You've got Bodriggy with their bonkers Space Milk series and now Mornington Peninsula Brewery taking the beer formerly known as Galaxy Pash and making it part of a new trio of mid-strength, dry-hopped, fruit sours.

Comet Crash pairs one of the lesser stars of the US hop industry, Comet, with watermelon, the result of which is a sweet little number, with a light, candy-esque sweetness – in watermelon terms, at the riper end of the fruit's lifespan – and a sour side that's pretty gentle too. Easy-going and sessionable.

Joining it is Astro Apocalypse, which stands out immediately due to its denser, juice-like appearance, one that comes courtesy of the addition of Kensington Pride mangoes from Queensland. They dominate the beer, coming across a little like the sort of mangoes-in-syrup-in-a-tin, with the Calypso hops and lactobacillus there to dry out and undercut the fruit a little.

Which leaves Galaxy Odyssey, the new name for Pash, which combines passionfruit with well known passionfruity hop Galaxy and does so with a balance and panache a step above its siblings. The fruity character is there, the quenching tart edge is there, the hops are there, all inside a tightly wound wee package.

James Smith

Dry-hopped Fruit Sours
All 3.5%
Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)
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