All Inn Brewing Sabre Session Ale

All Inn Brewing

When you pick up a beer that sits at the 3.5 percent ABV mark, it’s important to have the right expectations; after all, a lot of mid-strength beers are toothless. So it’s always nice to stumble on a session ale that still has some bite to it.

Sabre pours a deep gold, and the richness of the colour comes through in the tropical fruits and slight honey sweetness on the palate. It’s light in body, but still carries character from the hops, malt, and even some light fruity esters.

It’s difficult to know exactly what to expect from a session ale when the label shows a card sharp wearing a sabre-toothed tiger skull as a mask. But the beer gods smilodon this one.

Mick Wust

Session Ale
All Inn Brewing

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