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OK. Let’s stop for a minute and talk about how irresponsible you’d have to be to continue your job as an axeman after losing your vision. Apart from the obvious dangers you’d pose to yourself and those around you - which should in itself be enough reason to find a new vocation - surely you’d struggle to land all of your swings in the same place, which I understand is an important part of wood chopping, both for efficiency’s sake and for preserving the integrity and aesthetic quality of the planks or beams that the log will eventually become (though this last reason may have some give if his primary product is firewood).

Now I suppose the situation changes if the axeman was born blind, and had developed strong hand-ear coordination, or had some sort of superhero sonar abilities à la Daredevil. But if you have heightened senses, then I’ve got a whole lot of other issues with you remaining in your job as a lumberjack instead of using your powers to fight crime.

With that out of the way: this is a tasty amber ale. It’s light-bodied with a bready nose, and each sip gives a hit of toffee malt before fading into spice and bitterness. Mild, malty, and smooth, and doesn’t in any way answer my qualms about said vision-impaired woodsman.

Mick Wust

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