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Here we see the common male hipster in his natural habitat - note the handlebar moustache and the unnecessary suspenders. At times when the hipster population booms and reaches unsustainable levels, a form of natural population control takes place. One variety of male hipsters increases the amount of beard oil used in an attempt to assert dominance over the others. But as history has shown us time and again, and as this beer label shows us now: beard oil and tobacco pipes don’t mix, and can result in fatal consequences.

Consequences Pale Lager is a beer designed for anyone - that is, all but the most obnoxious hipsters. It pours a slightly hazy gold that matches the colour at the top of the can, with mellow carbonation keeping it super drinkable. The pilsner malt gives a grain aroma that’s somewhat savoury, but on the palate it’s sweeter - think a bowl of cornflakes with just a sprinkle of sugar - with a touch of spice. But that all winds up to give a clean finish and the impression that there would be no consequences if you sat down and drank an infinite number of these.

(Note: There would definitely be consequences if you sat down and drank an infinite number of these. Please do not attempt this.)

Mick Wust

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