Stone & Wood Counter Culture: REINVIGAM8

Stone & Wood (Lion/Kirin)

Published February 5, 2020

HEXAGONS=SCIENCE. Brewed with all the important sounding compounds... Directions for use that include: "Lift can to pouted lips, set approximately 1cm apart."

There's always been an element of fun and humour at play with Stone & Wood's Counter Culture series, whether in the concept or the way the beers are named and presented. Sure, the brewers take the process of meeting their brief and delivering quality beers seriously, but how can a beer called Killer Kween or one based on French toast be regarded as anything other than lighthearted.

Which brings us to the first CC beer of 2020 and a leap well into the realms of satire with REINVIGAM8, a "Hydration Ale" (technically, a low ABV gose brewed with orange peel and orange zest) that appears to take aim at beers targeting the fitness market, health drinks themselves, and Instagram-health-guru-led marketing as a whole; indeed, the more I roll the can around in my hand, the more I think of Goop.

Now, anything that makes you think of Goop should instantly be deemed awful and when that thing is a beer designed to mimic Hydralyte, well... And yet... Does it look like Hydralyte? Yes. Does it taste like Hydralyte? Pretty much, other than a very subtle sourness. Is the idea daft? Yep. Will I be putting some in my esky for Golden Plains? You betcha.

James Smith

Hydralyte Beer

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