Future Mountain Beyond The Horizon

Future Mountain

Published February 9, 2020

If you've visited Future Mountain's brewery venue in Reservoir, you probably noticed the room behind a glass door called Culture Club. Aside from being another of the very many musical references that permeate all things Future Mountain, it's home to their growing bank of mixed cultures. At time of writing this numbered more than half a dozen, to which they've been assigning names and which they like to use within certain beer styles.

In the case of Beyond The Horizon, it's Roslyn – named after co-owner Ian Jones' daughter – who gets the guernsey, adding her unique blend to a witbier aged in oak with chamomile and tangelo peel (maybe they'd been reading Peter Rabbit when the idea was hatched?). The combination of so many elements creates an aroma that's complex without being overpowering – floral and citrusy, yet firing memories of Grays Herbal Tablets too.

On the palate, there's a breakfast like combo of honey and marmalade and spices of the anise ilk, while it's soft (the impact of the barrels appears to be textural more than anything else) and has a gently drying finish too, making for another subtle and singular farmhouse style ale.

James Smith

Barrel Aged Spiced Witbier
Future Mountain

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