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The annual FKA Festival celebrates music and arts in the Hunter Valley, and Hope Brewery in turn celebrate the festival by brewing FKA Passionfruit Cider.

It’s a sparkling beauty, clear as the sky on a bright October day over the vineyards. On the sweet to dry spectrum, this sits right in the middle - it has a full apple juiciness, but it remains supremely drinkable.

But the mysterious thing about this cider is how different people perceive the passionfruit addition. I drank with three other people; of the four of us, one described the cider as tasting “like passionfruit syrup has been added to it”, while others could taste the passionfruit but thought it was very subtle.

Is the passionfruit flavour dominant or subtle? It’s Laurel vs Yanny all over again.

Mick Wust

Passionfruit Cider
Hope Brewery

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