Ogdens Brewery Windsor Juice

Ogdens Brewery

Released February 24, 2020

With a name like Windsor Juice, it would be fair to assume there’s some reference to the Mexit extraction kerfuffle in the UK; however, the noble liquid in question is actually the debut hazy offering from one of Perth’s grandest old pubs, the Windsor. After bestowing the 110-year-old dame with a solid range of pub crushers, head brewer Damian Bussemaker is now going full Duke of NEIPA-land, and, what’s more, there’s a sour to come too!

With a core audience in mind, Windsor Juice ticks the visual opacity box yet this belies a lighter than expected mouthfeel and, as a result, remains very drinkable – this ain't a "one and done" beer. Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo drive a grapefruit-leaning citrus medley and tropical tones, notably mango, with a feint piney base note rising through the short, dry / bitter finish.

Paired with the modest for style ABV, and you've got the kind of haze that warrants repeat pints at the pub.

Guy Southern


On tap at The Windsor, South Perth

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