Nail Brewing NBT #6: Galaxy

Nail Brewing

Published March 19, 2020

Nail’s NBT series has really started to come into its own and this sixth iteration is easily the hoppiest of the series thus far; possibly one of Nail’s hoppiest beers to boot, in fact, especially with its sub-5 percent ABV stature.

It leads with considerable juicy tropical aromas which have more in common with VPA than the earlier NBT offerings. Labelled as Galaxy in the QR app via the can, there’s far more at play here than a single hop pale. Sure, there’s expected passionfruity notes, however NBT #6 soon encompasses pineapple, grapefruit, pine, light resin, and a tight, needle-like bitterness, which rises considerably through the lengthy dry coda – this is more like a baby West Coast IPA than anything resembling the Nail Ale pedigree upon which the series has been built.

Now, given Nail want us to rate this series, I’m happy to momentarily step away from The Crafty Pint's usual editorial objectivity and say that NBT #6 is very good. But you, dear reader, should make your own mind up. And then let John Stallwood know through his QR app, or when you #raiseanail on March 23 to mark Nail’s 20th birthday.

Guy Southern

Pale Ale

Nail NBT #6 is available now through Nail stockists – until #7 arrives.

NB: Drinkers should check the digi-print on bottom of the can for the NBT batch number.

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