Bevy Brewing WA Harvest Ale & Bevy With Friends Saison

Bevy Brewing Co (Lion/Kirin)

Published March 19, 2020

Two beers debuted at Bevy’s autumn 2020 mini-beerfest, Bevy with Friends, show the creative desire that extends beyond the core offerings that support one of WA’s largest venues, The Camfield. This, of course, will be of no surprise to anyone who tried February’s Mango Masala, which featured thirteen ingredients, many of which were prepared by the venue’s chefs.

Here the kitchen is involved once again in creating a uniquely WA harvest ale. The idea was to use all WA ingredients and celebrate the annual hop harvest with fresh Cascade and Chinook hop cones from Preston Valley hops, except there was a problem: how does one get colour and flavour depth in a beer when there are no specialty malts made in WA; Harvest’s base is made up of just Joe White pale malt. The solution? Getting The Camfield's kitchen to make candied honey from fresh wildflower honey from Nannup’s Southern Forest Honey and locally sourced sugar cane. Raw honey was also added along with a judicious amount of lemon myrtle – 500 grams in a muslin bag overnight night – plus a generous amount of finger limes from Pemberton.

The result is an intriguing, full-bodied ale that begins floral before shifting to lemon lime candy, the balance of which depends on the drinker; head brewer Andy Scade is more attuned with the lemony characters while our tasters found more candied lime. Either way, WA Harvest Ale is delightful.

Also on offer is the Bevy With Friends collab with five WA breweries that melds New World and Old through the experimental NZH 107 and Tropical Amarillo hops atop a classic saison base. This was spiked with juniper berries and dried orange peel, and later fresh orange and grapefruit peels. Understandably aromatic, Bevy With Friends runs through phenolics, fruity citrus and spice before a lengthy dry finish.

Guy Southern

Honeyed Harvest Ale & Fruited Saison
4.8% & 6.3%

On tap at The Camfield

Bevy Brewing Co (Lion/Kirin)

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