T Bone Brewing 50/50 Hazy IPA & Puck'n Fresh Hop Hazy Sour

T-Bone Brewing Co

Published May 1, 2020

The latest IPA from Hobart's T-Bone Brewing features images of fruit and coconut on the tins and, once decanted into a glass, you might well suspect flesh has been scraped into 50/50 Hazy from the inside of the latter and juice squeezed from the former. It's hazy to the point of pulpy and emits lime and pineapple aromas upfront before that coconut flesh builds on the nose and gradually wends its way into flavour town too. Yet it's all the work of "copious amounts of Mosaic and Sabro" hops, which come together with the low bitterness to create beach cocktail vibes, albeit with a sharper finish thanks to the carbonation.

Its partner-in-crime in the fruity autumnal release stakes is Puck'n Fresh Hop – a hopped hazy sour into which was loaded a batch of fresh Galaxy and Enigma hops, harvested less than 24 hours before brew day. There's a light lacto funk on the nose from the souring bacteria, but it's refreshing more than sour or bracing. Indeed, it's lightfooted across the palate too, with lime and melon to the fore, making for the sort of beer liable to be drained from your can or glass rather quickly.

James Smith

Hazy IPA & Fresh Hop Sour
6.8% & 4.5%
T-Bone Brewing Co

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