Nomad Brewing Pine Lime Sour

Nomad Brewing

Released May 5, 2020

Nomad have already got a bunch of light sours under their belt, a number of which are fruity. So you’d be forgiven for thinking you know what you’re in for when you crack open this Pine Lime Sour. But you might get a few surprises here.

The aroma is intense. An initial hit of lactic acid quickly morphs into the full-face sweetness of Pineapple Fanta. I've smelled subtle pineapple in fruited beers before, but there's nothing subtle about this.

Once the sipping starts, this beer is a style-straddler. (Is that a word? Straddler? One who straddles?). The pineapple eases up and a little lime juice comes in, presenting a light fruity tartness. Between the souring and a bit of lactose sweetness, it's like the middle part of a Venn diagram between "sour" and "tropical pale".

The finish is perhaps the simplest part of the experience: a lingering, lime zest bitterness.

Light and tropical refreshment? Absolutely. Just check your expectations at the door.

Mick Wust

Fruit Sour
Nomad Brewing

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