Sanctus Brewing Valley Pale Ale

Sanctus Brewing Company

Empty roads with fields of sugar cane on both sides fading from green to gold. Long stretches dotted with huge rolls of crispy hay. The setting sun turning the clouds to smouldering embers. The Clarence Valley is full of things made of gold, and the Valley Pale Ale is another to add to the list.

What first hits the nose as a fruity fizz - think a roll of Fruit Tingles and you’ve got the right idea - becomes more of a dry pine and slightly bready experience in the mouth, with just a touch of citrus rind hanging around as a last representation of the fruitiness from the hops. As the lively carbonation subsides on the tongue, a piney bitterness is the last thing to leave, like the last rays of sunset.

Mick Wust

Pale Ale
Sanctus Brewing Company

5 Re Road
NSW 2463

(02) 6645 1530
Open Hours

Thurs to Sun: 11am to 9pm

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