Modus Operandi XPA

Modus Operandi

Released May 19, 2020

We like to make up new words in the beer industry, even if most of them are initials, acronyms, or portmanteaus. Someone made up the style XPA a few years ago (and we’re still not all agreed about what it means). Now, in keeping with this grand tradition, Modus describe their new core range XPA as "tropi-lo-cal", an adjective to capture tropical hop flavours, but also lower calories to help stave off beer belly.

First released as a keg-only beer over the summer of 2019/2020, Modus XPA has now made it into core range at a time when a tasty but lower calorie beer might be particularly appealing to people in lockdown. After all, many of us have found that our incidental exercise has dropped to almost non-existent, but our incidental beer consumption has not. During this period of life when working from home is at an all-time high - as is the temptation to wear pyjamas for 36 hours straight - this lighter, crisper beer is a clever offering from Modus.

With an almost lemony hue, Modus XPA presents its lightness right from the beginning. While Modus is known for its hop-heavy beers, this one has a slightly toned-down approach. Citrus zest aromas lead into floaty tropical notes on the tongue, but the finish cuts off cleanly, leaving nothing but a trace of bitterness.

One Modus XPA may be lower calorie… does the same hold true if you have two or three?

Mick Wust

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