Modus Operandi Hazy Series 03: Mango Hazy with El Dorado & Mosaic

Modus Operandi

Released May 19, 2020

You have to give MO points for the consistent theme of their Hazy series. Hazy 01 was a 5 percent ABV pale with Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops; Hazy 02 was a 6 percent ABV IPA with Mosaic, El Dorado and Galaxy hops. It’s only fitting that Modus should take another step up with Hazy 03 and make a 7 percent ABV mango IPA with El Dorado and Mosaic.

As with all hazy beers, give the can a gentle roll before pouring; it works wonders to ensure that much sought-after haze makes it into your glass. Then, once you’ve enjoyed its opacity, brace yourself for juiciness to the extreme. The very air around this beer is pulpy with the scent of mango nectar, and tells you more about the hundreds of kilos of mangos and triple dry-hopping than the beer description ever could. But, while the aroma is all about the mango, the rounded tropical characters of the hops flood into the mouth to join the focused mango flavour, keeping some continuity with the flavours of the predecessors in the Hazy series.

The thick feel of Hazy 03 rolls over the tongue with its fruity sweetness, but once you’ve swallowed your sip - and if you can hold off on sipping for ten seconds and let the juiciness subside - a slowly building but powerful bitterness takes over as the remaining sensation.

Mick Wust

Hazy IPA with Mango
Modus Operandi

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