Hope Brewery FKA Ginger Beer

Hope Brewery

Released May 26, 2020

A ginger beer with a difference: you won’t find any soft-drink-y sugar water here.

Right from the pour, which displays the cloudiness and sediment that gives this brew its flavour, the FKA Ginger Beer offers complexity. A light sweetness mixes with a strong spiciness, but it’s not rough; it’s like the ginger cake served up by your lovely elderly neighbour. There’s also an earthy and slightly medicinal note, like the iodine character you sometimes find in a peated single malt whisky. And, like with said whisky, you’ll find yourself nursing a pleasant warmth in the back of your throat once you’re done.

Mick Wust

Ginger Beer
Hope Brewery

2213 Broke Road
NSW 2320

(02) 4993 3555
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10am to 5pm

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