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Published June 5, 2020

Word association can tell you a lot about a person. When you see the word “Hermes”, do you think of the Greek messenger of the gods, flying on winged feet? Or does your mind go to the Parisian designer brand that will set you back ten grand for a handbag? Does your brain focus on mythology, or fashion? Ancient culture, or modern culture?

I’ll admit this writer is Greek mythology nerd; it didn’t even occur to me that Google would be more interested in advertising high end luxury goods than showing me pictures of a naked dude wearing a bird hat. (Although if you thought of Hermès because you’re super rich, can we please be friends?) But I’m in good company - Helios Brewing is here with the Greek-themed Hermes Session Pale Lager, not a pair of shoes that costs more than your car.

In terms of style, the brewer places Hermes somewhere between a Vienna lager and a steam beer, and uses only one malt (Vienna) and one hop variety (Magnum) to keep the flavours uncomplicated. Pour the beer into a glass to see a gorgeous white head sitting like the clouds on Mount Olympus. The rich colour of the beer itself - dark gold, bordering on amber - pairs well with the toasty characteristics within. But it’s the body that really sets this one apart; unlike many mid-strengths, Hermes enters the mouth with low carbonation, instead feeling soft and silky and full. It’s more luxurious than a bespoke red saddle and a $1,200 stable bucket (I seriously do not understand luxury fashion brands).

There are now three associations to make with the word Hermes. Greek god; fashion brand; “another, please”.

Mick Wust

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