Innate Brewers Cloud Eight Oat Cream IPA

Innate Brewers

Released July 15, 2020

When looking at Innate’s 2020 output as a whole it quickly become apparent that, while head brewer Joel Nash clearly likes diversity, he's overseeing an increasingly adroit output. This year has seen the return of Innate staples like Bulletproof Black IPA, Watch This Space IIPA, The Snow Leopard RIS and Private Idaho American strong ale, each more dialled in than the previous year. However, it’s 2020’s debutants which arguably best express the brewery’s growth: the historically classic Heirloom Altbier, the bang on Stay Loco NEIPA, and the bière du jour in question here, Cloud Eight Oat Cream IPA.

The key here, as with all Innate beers, is balance. Instead of reaching for double digit excess, Cloud Eight sits at a modest 5.8 percent ABV, and is all the better for it. As expected, proceedings run on the sweeter and fluffier side, but this, of course, is part of the fun. It's fun that's only amplified by the tropical combo of Strata, Galaxy and relative newcomer Samba hops, which play out as guava, passionfruit, mango and orange, and contribute just enough bitter / dry balance.

If this is Cloud Eight, it’s doubtful many beer lovers would need to reach for another level of happiness.

Guy Southern

Oat Cream IPA

Available from WA Innate stockists in limited release.

Innate Brewers

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