Hope Brewery FKA Juicy Mango Hazy Sour & Sunny Boy Sour

Hope Brewery

Released July 26, 2020

If ever there was a way to use the wildly obvious rhyme “sour power” in a non-ironic way, it’s in reference to these two beers.

Abounding with fruit and hops, the FKA Juicy Mango Hazy Sour saturates the air with the sticky sweet smell of ripe mangoes, like when you buy a tray of Bowens out of the back of a hot van on the side of the highway. (Can non-Queenslanders relate to this simile?) But don’t expect that fruity sweetness to encapsulate your whole experience of this beer.

If the addition of adjectives and the increase in ABV didn’t tip you off that this isn’t the gentler FKA Mango Sour of 2018, the first sip will. A blast of warhead lolly sourness hits you as soon as the liquid touches your tongue, causing a face pucker and body shudder. As the seconds pass, the sourness eases off, allowing the mango nectar flavour to flow back in. But don’t expect your mouth to acclimatise to the sourness - this beauty elicits a physical reaction every time you take another sip.

While the mango sour brings sour warheads to mind, the Sunny Boy Sour is designed to taste like the oddly ergonomic ice blocks of yesteryear that share its name. It has the appearance of still apple juice and exudes the aroma of orange juice concentrate or orange Berocca, and upon first sip a respectable sourness joins the orange flavour. But while the sweetness and sourness are equal up front, brace yourself: Sunny Boy is a sour ninja in the night, creeping up on you and catching you off your guard. It strikes when you least expect, with an acidic attack as intense as it is unexpected, making your jaw hurt and your eyes water. Hope weren’t kidding when they labelled this a "super sour".

Drink these beers with friends. Watching their faces is like watching babies try lemons for the first time.

Mick Wust

Fruit Sours
6.0% & 9.0%
Hope Brewery

2213 Broke Road
NSW 2320

(02) 4993 3555
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10am to 5pm

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