One Drop Brewing Watermelon & Rose Sour & Lemondrop Double IPA

One Drop Brewing Co

Published August 7, 2020

It’s difficult to describe the smell of rose. It seems to permeate the air like nothing else, and reach further into the olfactory system than other aromas. In this Watermelon & Rose Sour, it goes further still by inviting the more acute aroma of watermelon to join forces. The two scents entwine like tangled ivy, and the floral and the fruity combination is seductive. I kind of want to ask it out on a date – maybe dinner at a fancy restaurant. Don’t tell my wife.

In the mouth, the watermelon becomes more pronounced than the rose, but it still holds that Turkish Delight edge. While the aroma is enormous, the flavours are more sensible; the distinct characters are retained, but the sourness is gentle and the sweetness restrained.

Don’t expect anything too gentle from the Lemondrop Double IPA, though. It’ll try to fool you with its cute cartoon design of a hummingbird and its charming name "lemondrop", but this ain’t a beer for gumnut babies. Lemon and resin come together for a beer you can chew your way through. The whack of hop bitterness gives the impression of that pithy bitterness of limoncello, but without the cloying sweetness. There’s a dryness and a cleanness to keep it quite drinkable, so it’s not a beast that’ll knock you flat… but maybe don’t offer any to Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

Mick Wust

Fruit Sour & Double IPA
6.8 & 7.6%
One Drop Brewing Co

5 Erith Street
NSW 2019

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